iMatter Weekend (Girls)

iMatter Weekend (Girls)!

Social media can be a blessing for many, but for some it is merely a cry for help. Scrolling down my Facebook feed, I am bombarded by cyber beefs and scantily-clad girls arranging meet-ups. They advertise their backsides to their friends and followers and the public at large; and I see girls call each other out for the hurtful things they have done to one another. Young women often mask their feelings of hurt and loneliness by showing off their bodies and dedicating their time to enhancing outer beauty. But these external validations are just a front that often lead to dysfunctional relationships – where their worth is only measured by appearance. More pictures means more DM’s, more DMs leads to short-term attention that compromise self-esteem and personal value. These relationships can go on for days or weeks or months, but the end result is the same and labels assigned by peers are not easily discarded. Although many girls are too ashamed to tell their stories of mistreatment and heartbreak, trust can be built among them. Often the truth is not pretty, but knowing that you are not alone can make all the difference in the world.

We want to show our girls just how valuable they are by hosting a day of blessings, testimonies, encouragement, mentoring, workshops, and even a little pampering. A day where the focus is on inner-beauty and on appreciating yourself and how beautiful we are created to be. This is a day without judgement or problem-solving, it is a day for empowerment and showing them that they deserve, and should be, loved for themselves. A day to recognize that imperfection is what makes us whole and we are each wonderfully made. 

This day is free for ladies ages 10-18.