iMatter Weekend (Boys)

Leone Meadows

6100 Meadows Road

Grizzly Flats, CA 95636

October 14th-16th

On any given day, you can pass by a park in East Palo Alto and you will see a group of young men gathered together. Some are talking, some rapping and some might even be skateboarding.  They could be smoking weed or maybe just staring off into the distance. When they are engaged in conversation, it is likely that the sound of laughter will be in the air. Listening to their problems or their solutions can be both mind-blowing and humbling; some are facing insurmountable odds against them and yet they continue to move forward with their lives, day by painful day.
Their peers accept them for who they are; flaws, weaknesses, struggles and everything in between.  Unfortunately the same cannot be said about society as a whole.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of these kids’ lives.  It takes more than praying to be let into their circle. What can truly save them is the withholding of judgement and criticism.  Trust is empowering, and we have a duty to be gentle, encouraging, and to provide a path to come back into the light.
With this in mind, we have created a weekend retreat. Where boys can come together to be empowered and encouraged by men of faith in the community, who know that powerful words give life. Men who have pushed through every kind of struggle and have lived to tell about it.   Deep within the Sierra Nevada foothills, Leoni Meadows is Christian camp and retreat, offering a multitude of activities, ranging from go-karting,  zip lines, hiking and an observatory for those that want to just spend time looking at the stars.  This is weekend of working through team building challenges.  We will listen to testimonies and provide encouragement by offering music and various workshops – all in the name of building trust amongst each other, and themselves.  A weekend free from judgement, where they can be lifted up.  For many of these boys, this might be the first time they have experienced true acceptance.
Admittance is free to any young man between the ages of 10-18, and transportation, food, and lodging will all be provided at no cost.


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