After-school program that provides a safe environment for at-risk children, youth, and their families.
After-school program that provides a safe environment for at-risk children, youth, and their families.

Summer program comes to an end…

The Lauren’s House eight week Summer program has come to a close. Brin worked hard for months leading up to Summer by preparing the workbooks and creating the curriculum. The first day of Summer came and we quickly realized, the workbooks were just a piece of the masterpiece; we needed God’s presence. We opened every day with song and prayer and spent time learning to work with one another. Building relationships amongst ourselves enabled us to focus on learning. We spent time learning about financings, reading, arithmetic and science; and we went out into the community to spread our good will. We even had a “Seniors Day” where we spent time at a local assisted living facility and read stories, played board games and just enjoyed each other’s company.

One notable project that we worked on was “God’s Hands and Feet.” The kids made 300 positive and encouraging notes to pass out along with hand-made lunches or just to passersby on the street. On our journey to feed the homeless, while on public transportation the kids saw a homeless name and asked the bus driver if they could get off of the bus and give them a lunch. Tylon was so eager to provide meals, he vowed to pass out every bit of food we had, even some that had been planned for an earlier breakfast, that was in the wagon including oatmeal that we had passed out earlier in the morning for breakfast. As we walked around, we received requests from the individuals to pray for them, and we did so. Over the course of the Summer we distributed 940 meals and more than 350 positive reinforcement notes, a hallmark of Lauren’s House.

Perhaps the most valuable lesson the children learned was how to give without the hope of reciprocity. Some of the people we were helping wanted to give us money, and at first, some of the kids didn’t didn’t understand why they couldn’t accept it. But the explanation was simple: We all are a piece in God’s masterpiece. Right now is not the time for us to be rewarded. And throughout all of this, Lauren’s House has received no funding, and yet, God has still provided us with the resources to meet the needs of the community.

Edited by: Christy F.

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