Masks and Social Distancing During COVID-19

There are many uncertainties when it comes what school will look like in the fall. For example, whether classes will be all online, all in person, or a hybrid model of some days in person and some online. No matter how your child will be learning this fall, it is important to prepare them on how to keep themselves safe. 

Here are some recommended tips on how to practice social distancing and how to properly wear a mask while in public. 

The best way to reduce the spread of the Corona Virus is by limiting face-to-face contact. While this is not necessarily a reality for when schools go back into session, it is still important to practice social distancing whenever it is possible. 

Social distancing is “keeping a safe space between yourself and other people who are not a part of your household” (CDC). Practicing social distancing means to keep 6 feet or 2 arm’s length from other people while you are not in your house. This is a good measure to follow whether you are outside or inside.    

While students go back to school it will be necessary for them to remain 6 feet apart from other students and the teachers when possible. It is a good idea to practice this a couple of minutes a day with your child. This way they will understand how to practice social distancing while they are outside the house, and if their school reopens in the fall. 

On the infographic below it mentions CDC guidelines on how to wear a mask, how to stay cool and comfortable while wearing one, and how masks can remain clean. There is also a section that discusses how to make a homemade mask. Lastly, it is recommended to visit the City of Santa Clara website so that you can stay updated on what is happening in your area when it comes to the Corona Virus. 

Whether your child’s school does open in some form in the fall, or if their school is 100% online, all of us here at Lauren’s House hope that they stay happy and healthy throughout the school year. 

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