Random Act of Kindness Day


How amazing does it feel to see a smile on the street when your day is gloomy? Or when you get a text from that one friend you haven’t seen in forever? It’s incredible, and all from one simple act!


This year, February 17th is Random Act of Kindness Day. We might not be able to tell when someone is feeling down when we live in a world where presenting yourself is the norm. We might not know why someone is outwardly angry when they have a circumstance at home. But we do have control over how we interact with other people and put our love into the world. So on February 17th, be the spark of happiness that turns someone’s day around with a random gesture, big or small. You could call or text a family member or friend you haven’t met in ages, or leave a book in a Little Free Library. You could buy a coffee for the person behind you in line, or write positive messages on sticky notes around your school or workplace for others. Even a simple “thank you” or a hug can do! 


But kindness doesn’t just happen on one day. It is a way of life and the foundation to humanity and community. So even though Random Act of Kindness Day is coming near, you can do random acts of kindness everyday. We can fill the world with a little more laughter and smile when we make kindness a habit.


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