Enrichment Activities

Enrichment Activities

Enrichment activities expose our clients to local colleges and universities, cultural and community events, the arts, and sports

Field trips are an exciting way to expand horizons, and during our summer programs we have organized a number of outings. Through these trips, we encourage our clients to explore their dreams. Our field trips have included…

  • A visit to the University of California, Santa Cruz, to talk with students and faculty, and learn about new technologies
  • A trip to San Francisco’s Academy of Art University to learn about career opportunities in the arts, something of particular importance to clients interested in fashion design
  • A San Francisco Giants game, offering the opportunity to participate in an event they usually see only on television
  • A walking tour of San Francisco, followed by the excitement of a cable car ride to Pier 39

In addition, we offer chess lessons because playing chess develops critical-thinking and problem-solving skills that readily transfer to other settings. It teaches young people to focus their attention, think strategically, evaluate choices, anticipate consequences, and make decisions. This program has been well received, and in 2015 we held our first annual chess tournament.

We also recognize that physical activity is essential for healthy development, and we offer opportunities to enjoy activities such as swimming and team sports.