Provide a safe place for at-risk children, youth and families. Strategic Plan 2021-2024


We have been providing free after-school and summer programs since 2009 to low-income and homeless children and youth as well as services for their families.


We serve the East Palo Alto Menlo Park area, San Mateo County, California.
We serve students in the age group (5-18 years) who are eligible for state benefits.
We prepare young people for success, regardless of their background.

If you are a kid, youth or a family, and you think you need help, we got your back!

Meet and network with good people, gain life experience and a certificate.


The Seventh Day Adventist Church granted us the Community Service Award in 2010.
Facebook sponsored our Prison Ministry Program in 2018-2019.
Google trusted Lauren’s House and sponsored some programs through our journey.
“ It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference”- Tom Brokaw


The staff is very friendly and involved especially Monique. She shows genuine love for what she does and always has a positive attitude. This program really does promote education and fun! I have no complaints and I would strongly recommend this program!

Joana Galvan Parent

The thing I admire about Lauren’s that kids from all backgrounds can come together and smile. Also, I feel like there’s always good vibes all around in the program.

Leni Participant in the 7th grade

My daughter has learning disabilities as well as other learning and mental issues. However, the Lauren House staff has my daughter of dreaming of College and a future. She is no longer, discouraged, and is willing and ready to take on her academic challenges.

Fiani Mother


Masks and Social Distancing During COVID-19

There are many uncertainties when it comes what school will look like in the fall. For example, whether classes will be all online, all in person, or a hybrid model

Lauren’s House

Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn. Lauren’s House 4 Positive Change is a nonprofit organization that fills people’s lives with hopes and aspirations. Our society is divided

Christmas Giving

Who does not love happy surprises? Especially children! The joy we see in their eyes, when they open festive stockings or boxes gift wrapped is unmatched. Their innocence and eagerness

Monopoly a hands on tool in our Finance Class

Financial management is a vast and interesting subject.Many parents wait to teach their children about financial management when they get their first job, before they go off to school, or

Warm Cup of Noodles on a cold SF Night

On Saturday night with temperature dropping steadily, we at Lauren’s house geared up  with hot water canisters and coffee urns and headed out to San Francisco. Our goal for the

Saturday Night!

Lauren’s House is on the move this Saturday in San Francisco with one mission: To deliver warm hearts and warm soup to everyone they encounter.  It isn’t enough to feed

How many enchiladas can you make in three hours?

How many enchiladas can you make in three hours? On your mark! Get set! Go! These were my thoughts on Friday as I spontaneously decided to make a hot meal

Summer program comes to an end…

The Lauren's House eight week Summer program has come to a close. Brin worked hard for months leading up to Summer by preparing the workbooks and creating the curriculum. The